Monday, March 8, 2010

Trinket Keepers

I just love other people's craft blogs.  I have found the cutest stuff and can't get enough of making things for my family.  I ran across these cool little baggies that are soooo easy to make and had to do one (or a dozen) for Ian's trains.  Here is a great tutorial explaining the entire thing: Trinket Tutorial

I changed it up just a little bit because I want to applique a train from some fabric I already had rather than paint one on, but it's the same basic idea. 

The possibilities for these are endless. I may make a few for Matchbox cars, Little People toys, even chapstick or cell phone bag for myself, snap on a carabiner and attach it to my overstuffed diaper bag.

Matt is getting one next for his iPod touch.  Lucky man.

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