Monday, April 16, 2012

Foxy Copy

Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I ran across this adorable little fox dress a few months ago and decided Evan needed one for herself.

Using a vintage pattern for a mouse jumper and a few modifications, I came up with this.  It's a little big, but I'm sure it will fit better by the fall when she'll have more opportunity to wear it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Easy Snow White Dress

I knew my little girl has a thing for Snow White, but I didn't fully realize just how much of a hold Snow White has on Evan until she started potty training last week.  Evan will often tell me "I'm so happy I'm a princes," and sometimes even, "I'm so happy I'm Snow White," so when I was looking for extra potty encouragement, I said to my sweet girl, "Snow White pee-pees in the potty."  Had I only known the power those 6 little words had, I would have used it before, many, many times before. 

Snow White doesn't throw fits.
Snow White eats her veggies.
Snow White sleeps through the night.
Snow White shares her cupcakes.

Ah, the possibilities.

With that one sentence, Evan was potty trained.  Really, like in a few days.  Don't hate me for bragging.  So to reward her hard work, I had to make her her own Snow White dress to wear whenever she wanted.

This dress is super simple and easy.  I used Simplicity pattern 5695, view E. 

 I had to adjust my sleeves, but I mostly followed the puff sleeved tutorial from here:
These sleeves are shaped slightly different and call for elastic at the top and bottom, so I just made the pleats as shown in the above tutorial and then sewed on a small fabric tube at the top and bottom of the sleeves for the elastic casing.   And there you have Snow White!


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