Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bumblebee Dress

So happy I got to test this pattern for Sewing Mama RaeAnna.  I have wanted a ruffled dress for my girl like this all summer, and it was a perfect match for what I have planned for her first day of school dress (more on that later).

This was my first time testing a pattern, and it was such a great experience.  There were some minor kinks in the first draft, but the finished product is stellar.  The instructions are clear and very easy to follow. I don't have a serger, and that wasn't any issue at all especially since the bodice is lined and the sleeves are set in.  I've done patterns before where they designer leaves the seams exposed even with lining, so I was pleased to see that RaeAnna's construction has you had all those seams hidden inside the bodice.

Here are my pics of the first draft.  Notice this is a shorty short dress on my Evan, but the final product is a perfect dress length. Personally, I love the retro look of this short dress. Evan will be sporting this with some leggins or knee highs in the fall, believe you me!

Pick up your own copy over at l
I seriously may retake this tomorrow with boots or knee highs just for the hell of it.  :)


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