Monday, June 7, 2010

Taggie, Crinkly Bibs Tutorial

If you're like me and have a Drooly Julie (or Jack, whatev) on your hands, you are probably constantly switching bibs or else having a soaked baby.  Evan drools without abandon, but I got tired of those old stained bibs, so I decided to make her some, pretty ones.  Knowing how much she loves all things crinkly and the taggie blanket I made her, I decided to through that in to the bibs as well.  It's like 3 baby accessories in 1.  Here's how to do it for yourself.

First off, I printed this template from one of my very favorite bloggers at Homemade by Jill.  You can get it HERE .  Or, you can simply lay one of your own bibs flat and trace around it.  After printing Jill's template, I cut off about 2.5" from the bottom to make the bib shorter because I want to be able to show off Evan's cute clothes.  Since this bib is more for drooling than food, I don't need the extra length.

Flannel fabric for bib front
Coordinating fabric for bib back
Snaps like THIS or you can use Velcro
Assorted ribbon
Empty wipes package

1. Cut 1 bib from your front fabric and 1 from your back using your bib template.

2. Cut 4 pieces of of ribbon.  I cut my 4" long, but they could have been shorter. 

3. Fold your ribbon pieces in half, and pin them to the right side your bib front, with the folds facing up.

4. Cut open your plastic wipes package and lay it across the bottom half of one of your bib pieces.  Cut a piece of the plastic to fit the bottom and pin it to the wrong side of your other bib back.

5. Layer your bib pieces this way: Bib front right side facing up, Bib back wrong side facing up.  Your two right sides should be facing each other.  Pin them together along the sides.

6.  Sew along the entire outside, leaving a gap for turning.

7. Turn your bib and close your gap with topstitching all the way around.

8.  Attach your snaps according to the package instructions or put on velcro.

And there you have it. 

I've made a few more because Evan really really loves chewing on these things.  I even make a dressy bib using flannel and chenille with a jersey knit rose.


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