Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Crafting

Yep, I'm posting something again.  Woo-hoo! Let's not get carried away now!

Here's a round up of some stuff I've done so far for Christmas.  This is mostly for me b/c I want to make myself a cute little visual board on pinterest of all my projects, but feel free to ask about anything if you want to make your own.

 Pillow covers using felt ornaments from the Dollar Tree + Painter's drop cloth = Christmas WIN!  I love these.

 Cute little ornaments with the kids' Christmas wish lists.  They did the dictating, I did the writing.  Copied from here:

 A felt wrapped wreath. Pinterest inspired from here:
Her's looks better, but whatevs.
My advent calender.  You can find these all over the internet, and mine was inspired by at least half a dozen.

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